say whiskey!

Bourbon Dogs brings Berlin a curated love-triangle of hotdogs, craft beer and American whiskey.  Our intimate bar in Kreuzberg serves up a small menu of hotdogs, sides and homemade pickles, designed to be washed down with a pale ale and a shot of bourbon, and maybe even a bottle-aged Manhattan for dessert…

We are taking a short summer holiday.

Stay tuned here and on Facebook,

we'll be back soon!

dinner, late night dogs and drinks





Lobster Roll Sunday

Bourbon Dogs is located in the heart of Kreuzberg, an area that defines an important element of Berlin’s personality as a city. Kreuzberg is famous for its buzzing nightlife, as well is a being a creative culture hub with a fast-growing gastronomic scene.


Görlitzer Bahnhof is the nearest U-Bahn station, and Görlitzer Park is just around the corner.

Bourbon Dogs is an American whiskey bar, that serves great hotdogs with handmade sausages and artisan potato buns.


A selection of local and international craft beers are available to accompany the dogs, and we serve the whiskeys straight up, on the rocks or as ingredients in classic American cocktails, and of course a few of our own creations.


Bourbon Dogs is not a serious, bow tie and suspender cocktail bar. We are a fun, unpretentious bar, but rest assured we can make you an excellent old fashioned and a manhattan that can rival the best.


So just sit back, have a pickleback or two and enjoy some old school hip hop and good times.

With our New York style hotdog cart, we love doing on-location catering events and street food markets. Just send an email to for all catering requests.

Bourbon Dogs takes an ounce of Brooklyn and stirs it with half an ounce of Kreuzberg and then adds a few dashes of old school hip hop before straining into a cocktail glass.


Leather sofas and natural dark woods give Bourbon Dogs a unique Brooklyn feel, whilst the hand poured concrete tables and raw concrete floor reminds you that you are in the heart of Kreuzberg.


Bourbon Dogs’ dimly lit, intimate atmosphere provides a unique setting for a hotdog, pale ale, and late night whiskey alike.

Lobster Roll Sunday takes place every Sunday from 12am – 12pm.  Join us to indulge in classic New England style lobster rolls made with top quality Canadian Lobster. Alongside the lobster rolls we serve serve champagne cocktails and a selection of bloody mary's.


As a special offer, you can have our lobster roll & a champagne cocktail for €20. Our regular food and drinks menu is also available every Sunday.

> Spreewaldplatz 14, 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg


In addition to our regular menu,

we are always trying out new beers & cocktails,

so just ask us about our daily specials.

our hotdogs are handmade by simon the sausage man and the artisan potato buns are baked by bekarei bakery in prenzlauer berg


double sausage  +1,5 euro


classic dog                                4,5

AKA the naked dog. Just the dog and the bun

bourbon dog                               5,5

Classic Dog topped with house recipe coleslaw,

Rittenhouse Rye BBQ Sauce & crispy onions

chicago joe                                 5,5

Referred to in Chicago as being

“dragged through the garden”, this dog is topped with tomatoes, pickles, cucumbers, onions, relish, spicy sport peppers & dusted with celery salt

cheese louise                             5,3

A classic dog smothered in hot

American cheese sauce

dirty sanchez                            5,8

This Mexican inspired dog is loaded with fresh

avocado, pico de gallo & chipotle sour cream

mozzarela Madness (V)             4,7

The real deal artisan mozzarella di bufala

with tomato and parsley pesto.

Not really a hotdog but super delicious!

american whiskey cocktails for those that know they like whiskey and for those that think they don't


whiskey sour                             8,0

Germany’s favourite bourbon drink, and for

a good reason. House pour is Evan Williams,

or upgrade to Elijah Craig

banana old fashioned                8,0

Bourbon infused with real bananas is

just so fuckin’ delicious

That's What she Said                 9,0

Elderflower, cremant, Koval bourbon

& applejack make a delicate, floral drink.

For his and her pleasure

Hotdog Gibson                            9,0

A very dry Aviation Gin martini garnished

with pearl onions & sausage

redneck fizz                               9,0

A sweet ‘n’ sour fizz made with a

rednecks 2 favourite things: beer and moonshine

Corpse Reviver #2                     8,5

Fresh lemon, dry orange and a drop of absinthe make a perfectly balanced, gin-based pick-me-up drink

Sonoma Sazerac                         12

Sonoma County Rye makes one of the

best Sazeracs we’ve ever had. You’re welcome

doggy style daiquiri                   9,0

White dog whiskey, fresh lime & sugar.

For those that think they don’t like whiskey,

and for those that know they do

sides &


caesar salad     2,5

A simple caesar made with Bourbon Dogs secret recipe caesar dressing

coleslaw           2,5

Homemade American coleslaw at its

finest. This recipe is more sweet than sour

pickle plate       3,5

Just a plate of crunchy homemade pickles

chips & dip         3,5

French onion dip served

with olive oil chips

beef jerky         4,5

Zedmark’s homemade

dried beef strips



a&w                   3,0

root beer

dr. pepper          3,0

homemade          3,0


coca cola          2,5

diet coke            2,5

fountain            3,0

of youth

coconut water

master              3,5

wolf cold

brew coffee

get a shot of whiskey with your beer

to make it a boilermaker and save 1 euro



heiden peters pale ale (330ml / 5,3%)                       4,0

Brewed in the basement of Markthalle Neun,

this might just be one of the best German pale ales available

Sam Adams Boston Lager (355ml / 4,5%)                4,7

A hoppy lager balanced with nice caramel malt,

the perfect gateway craft beer for easy drinking

firestone union jack ipa (355ml / 7,5%)                   6,0

Considered by many to be one of the best IPAs available,

this aggressively hopped beer delivers a true

West Coast IPA experience

flower power session ipa (330ml / 4,7%)               4,5

Classic IPA taste and super drinkable. You can’t

have just one of these!

5am red ale (330ml / 4,9%)                                                        4,9

A great balance of hoppy and malty, this red ale from

craft beer veterans, BrewDog, ticks all the boxes

kuehnes blondes (330ml / 4,9%)                                           4,5

A modern German interpretation of a classic Belgian

white beer. Orange aromas and the thirst-quenching

style make this beer a winner

club 05 wiesn rausch (330ml / 5,8%)                             4,0

A modern interpretation of a German Hefeweizen,

with a good balance of caramel malt and fresh citrus hops

maxlrainer pils (330ml / 4,9%)                                            3,5

A classic Bavarian pils from a small,

family run Bavarian brewery. Easy going, crisp and fresh

libertine black ipa (330ml / 7,2%)                                    5,5

Intense, hoppy, malty and high in alcohol.

You probably won’t like it.

Heiden Peters Stout (330ml / 6,1%)                                 5,0

Creamy, toasty and full of flavour. This stout makes

Guinness taste like water and reminds us what a

proper stout should taste like


def: american whiskey distilled from at least 51% corn, and matured in new, charred oak barrels

bookers  63.6%                                                                                        8,5

A rich and full-bodied unfiltered bourbon, showing sweet vanilla notes. This bourbon makes the best old fashioned you ever had!

elijah craig  47%                                                                                 5,5

An exceptionally smooth 12 year old whiskey balancing

spice and sweetness. Especially good in a whiskey sour

evan williams black label  43%                                     3,9

A classic style straight Kentucky bourbon. Pickleback anyone?

evan williams single barrel vintage  43,3%     5,9

After 10 years of oak aging, this whiskey is a

super smooth sippin’ whiskey

jeffersons ocean bourbon  45%                                      11,5

After 7 years of barrel aging, the barrels are loaded onto a ship and

spend their last 10 months travelling the world and aging at sea,

taking character from the sea air

george dickel sour mash no. 8  40%                             5,5

Strictly speaking not a bourbon, but a Tennessee whiskey.

The Dickel style is dryer than most bourbons,

and unbelievably easy to drink

koval  47%                                                                                                  7,5

This Chicago bourbon is like no other. A truly modern style

showing topical fruit flavours which are totally unique for a bourbon

makers mark  45%                                                                             5,5

A well-known classic, this rich and fruity style Bourbon uses

corn and wheat in the mash, giving it a softer finish

michter's american whiskey  41,7%                               8,0

Officially not a bourbon due to the unorthodox aging method in

bourbon soaked barrels, butterscotch and caramel flavours

dominate this small batch whiskey

rowan's creek bourbon  50%                                               7,9

This handmade, 12 year old bourbon is full-bodied and spicy,

and gives off herbal, even minty aromas

have your whiskey neat, on the rocks or chase it with a shot of pickle juice and make it a pickleback for 0,50 extra


def: american whiskey distilled from at least 51% rye, and matured in new, charred oak barrels

rittenhouse rye  50%               5,5

A robust, oldschool rye, which tastes like a whiskey that costs twice as much!

sazerac rye  45%                    12,0

Arguably the worlds best rye, this whiskey takes the double gold medal at the 2015 SF spirits competition. Peppery aromas with a spicy liquorice finish

smooth ambler rye  49,5%        7,5

95% rye and unusually corn free, this whiskey really lets the rye do the talking. This is a sweet, fruity and slightly richer style rye

sonoma county rye  49%          8,9

After tasting this whiskey for the first time in the US, we spent months trying to find a way to stock it here in Berlin. Just taste it, it’s amazing

breakfast bourbon                4,0

Bourbon & maple syrup

fake scotch                           4,0

Bourbon made smokey with mezcal

Two in the Pink                      4,0

Ice cold shot of pink gin

there is more than one way to have a shot of whiskey

craft shots

gin &Vodka

St. George Dry Rye Gin                    5,0

A Californian Gin with a unique malty character. Makes an unusual G&T and an excellent dry martini cocktail

Aviation Gin                                    5,0

A lighter, more floral style gin.

The original gin of the Aviation cocktail

Tanqueray Sterling Vodka             4,5

Produced exclusively for the US market,

we got our hands on this grade A spirit


Laphroaig 10 year old                     6,0

The all-time Islay classic, for those that like it smokey

Auchentoshan 12 year old              6,0

Known in Scotland as the “breakfast whisky”

due to its sweet character

Monkey Shoulder                            5,5

A blended single malt, and a great base

for our Penicillin cocktail

(not whiskey)

schotch whisky

def: obscure whiskies made in unique styles


mellow corn whiskey  50%                 4,0

This 100% corn whiskey has been aged for 4 years in second use barrels. We love this served as a boilermaker with a pale ale, however, it’s not for the faint hearted!

buffalo trace white dog mash #1 62,5%      7,5

White dog is whiskey before it hits the barrel for aging. This clear spirit is surprisingly sweet, fruity and full of flavour

highwest whiskey campfire  46%        9,9

A truly unique blend of bourbon, rye & smokey Scotch whiskey. Sweet bourbon flavours pair beautifully with the smokey, almost salty, nature of the Scotch


Calle 23 Blanco                                5,0

100% agave tequila, try this as a Margarita!

Calle 23 Reposado                            5,5

Barrel aged tequila, perfect for our Mole Old Fashioned

Del Maguey Vida Mezcal                   6,0

Perfectly sweet, smokey and smooth


Cremant de Bourgogne, Cave de Lugny  (10cl) Sparkl.                           Glass 5,5    Bottle 38

This is basically champagne without the price tag

Canyon Road Chardonnay (15cl) White                                                   Glass 4,5    Bottle 22

Ticks all the boxes of a good quality cali chardonnay

Portillo Malbec  (15cl) Red                                                                    Glass 4,5    Bottle 22

Round, supple & soft. Full bodied but still easy to drink


Lairds Applejack                             5,5

American apple brandy, smooth enough for sippin’,

also great in cocktails

Polignac Cognac VSOP                     6,0

Luxury sippin’, or how about an old school Sazerac?

our standard pour is 4cl

unless you ask for a smaller 2cl

Rum &Cachaca

Plantation 3 Star White Rum            3,9

The best Daiquiri rum there is,

a classic Daiquiri with this is forever timeless

Plantation Grand Reserve 5Y Old Rum  4,5

Rich and sweet, perfect for sippin’,

or why not an old fashioned?

Whalers Original Dark Rum              5,5

Hawaiian recipe, extra-dark rum from the USA

Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum    5,0

63% Jamaican rum, great for our Mai Tai and for alcoholics

La Magnifica Cachaca                       3,9

A raw style Brazilian rum, made famous by the Caipirinha


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Opening hours: Tue - Sun   17 h - late night  •  No Reservations  •   +49 (0) 174 8628388  •  •  •  #bourbondogs